Transparent Path expands its offer to include supply chain auditing

Company’s long history in sustainability initiatives used to help inform environmental and social reporting

MARCH 13, 2022 • Boston, Massachusetts, USA • Transparent Path, a Seattle-based technology startup on a mission to keep food and capital out of landfills, announced the launch of a new Supply Chain Audit service at Seafood Processing North America. The show is part of the industry-leading Seafood Expo, held March 13-15, 2022 in Boston. The supply chain auditing service focuses on reducing risk and inefficiencies in food supply chains. 

Gartner Research recently noted that 94% of the Fortune 1000 saw pandemic-related disruption to their operations. The resulting chaos, exacerbated by the pandemic’s knock-on effects of port quarantines, labor shortages, and equipment shortages, has pushed supply chain executives into fire-fighting mode. The continual “emergency mode” leaves them little time to look for failure points, potential risks, or blind spots. Additionally, a shortage of supply chain planners leaves companies under-resourced, perpetuating the fire drills. 

“The current conditions make it incredibly difficult for executives to take a step back and identify areas at risk,” stated Lauren Adler, Director of Product for Transparent Path. Adler will oversees the service. “Supply chain teams need help from senior management to hire the appropriate resources and get their lives back. That’s where we can help. By taking an objective, outside look at supply chain operations, we can identify, justify and propose fixes. These fixes can reduce the pressures we’re seeing right now.”

Traditional audits augmented by environmental and social metrics

In this service, Transparent Path analysts interview executives, teams, stakeholders, and suppliers. These teams will look for pressure points that are causing bottlenecks or extra costs. The resulting baseline report will give senior leadership a snapshot of what’s happening at present. And, the report also recommends resourcing, workflow and operational changes that support corporate strategic goals and reduce supply chain friction.

The company also announced it will utilize its 15 years of experience in sustainability initiatives as part of the service. Audits will provide management teams with metrics around the environmental and social impacts created by the resulting operational changes. Analysts will connect corporate environmental/social initiatives to supply chain changes. The team will also provide E&S metrics for stakeholder reporting.

Adler previously served as head of supply chain integration for Amazon. Paulé Wood, former Amazon last-mile specialist, with a previous role at Earth Economics, will focus on environmental and social metrics. CEO Eric Weaver, former management consultant, will assist with sales and reporting.

“We feel the pain that supply chain execs are going through right now,” stated Weaver. “Our audits can alleviate some of that, through real-world, actionable insights that can inform management teams. They’ll also be priced considerably lower than what a Big 4 consulting firm might charge. And while audits are snapshots, our recommendations are evergreen. We don’t just want to create a one-time report that ages rapidly.”

Weaver continued, “we’ll also provide a scorecard for the audit that will standardize metrics and approach. This will allow our customers to conduct their own audits in the future.”

“The bottom line,” stated Adler, “is that we can find ways to reduce the stress executives are under, and create a positive impact on planet, people and profit.”

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About Transparent Path

Transparent Path spc is a technology company focused on supply chain visibility for perishable products. The company’s mission is to reduce food waste and financial loss through the continuous monitoring of perishables. Its platform sends alerts, allowing the supply chain to intervene before products are lost to disruptions.   

Powered by IoT sensors, cloud collaboration, and artificial intelligence, Transparent Path’s secure, scalable platform provides manufacturers, processors, logistics partners and retailers of perishables with the ability to see and act upon supply chain issues in real-time. As a result, Transparent Path’s customers know immediately when something goes wrong. Supply chain partners can act to prevent risk. The company’s freshness algorithms can even predict freshness before arrival.

Headquartered in the US, Transparent Path was founded by Eric Weaver, a 30-year enterprise transformation specialist. Previously, Weaver launched the Xerox Customer Experience Practice, where he managed a $550M services book of business. 

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