Quality assurance

Meet your customers’ expectations for consistently safe, fresh, high-quality products.

Supply chains and quality assurance

Maintaining quality control of food products is challenging enough within growing, manufacturing and processing facilities. When you add the transportation of these products, with multiple parties taking and releasing custody, assurances of quality becomes far more challenging. 

The ability to monitor custody and cold chain compliance gives producers the knowledge that quality issues aren’t being introduced during distribution.  

Why is it important?

Consistent cold chain compliance

A truck driver picks up a $400,000 load of Alaskan king crab from a cold storage warehouse, and drives across two states to deliver it to large distribution center. As he heads to his next pickup, the driver gets a call from the DC. The crab is spoiled, a claim will be submitted against his insurance, and he is to report back to the DC, pick up the container, and pay to dispose of it at a nearby landfill. What won’t be known until months later, was that the cold storage facility left the container sitting on their dock, at room temperature, for a week.

Meeting customer expectations

Food products, even on ice, are in a continual state of decomposition, with the quality and value of the product decreasing over time. And your customers are paying for a product that meets their expectations of taste, value, characteristics and performance. When the product fails to align with their expectations around taste, color, smell, and other aspects, business relationships are jeopardized. 

Getting your full margins

Today we are facing runaway inflation, labor shortages, exploding complexity, and financial strains. When the quality of a shipment slips due to a cooler being switched off, rough driving, excess humidity, or long dwell times, margins are reduced and financial targets aren’t met. 

How do we do it?

Continuous monitoring and reporting

The Transparent Path platform monitors many of the factors that can impact quality during shipment. Temperature, humidity, tilt, shock, light and other factors are continuously reported from within the container to our cloud-based platform.

When these factors begin to jeopardize product quality, alerts are sent to the party with custody, so they can quickly intervene and preserve quality, freshness, safety, and margins. Don’t rely on the word of others — keep an eye on your product’s quality in real-time, all the way to the customer.

FreshScore™ – our predictive freshness algorithm

Imagine your product having a “credit score for freshness”

One of our more innovative products is FreshScore™ — a machine-learning based scoring system for perishable goods. We look for recurring patterns in logistics data that can impact freshness, and analyze them against harvest, production and packing data, to create a predicted freshness level.

Now imagine consumers at retail, looking at your food product against a competitor’s. Your product has a FreshScore — theirs doesn’t. Which one will they choose?

FreshScore is in beta testing and will be available for Transparent Path-monitored products in late 2024.

See how Transparent Path preserves quality, safety and freshness

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