Our gratitude to those organizations who've joined us on the path.

We get by with a little help from our friends.

We’re working with a stellar group of friends, fans, partners and supporters. Here are a few.


Technology partners

These players have been instrumental in helping us build out our offering.

Logo for Intel Corporation

Sensor & Edge Computing Technologies

Since 2020, 5G Open Innovation Lab sponsor INTEL is assisting us with cutting-edge sensor, blockchain and edge-compute technologies that make our offer secure, scalable and interoperable.

T-Mobile logo

Data Connectivity & SIM Cards

In 2020, 5G Open Innovation Lab partner T-MOBILE provided us with our initial SIM cards and connectivity. We continue to work with the 5G Hub staff on testing new technologies.

logo for Buildly

Platform Development

BUILDLY has allowed us to create our platform in record time, overseeing all development and managing outsourced dev teams around the world.

Logo for Second Sun Labs

Hardware Development Partner

We’re working with Second Sun Labs on a number of breakthrough products involving eco-friendly cellular devices.

Logo for Tive

IoT Trackers

We integrated TIVE Solo 5G Trackers into our platform in 2021. These are solid, 4G/5G-capable gateways that capture GPS, temperature, humidity, shock and light. They can be configured for fresh, frozen, or cryogenic.

Accelerator and incubator partners

We’re hugely grateful to these organizations for their tremendous support.

Logo for Plug and Play Tech Accelerator

Non-Equity Accelerator

PLUG AND PLAY is one of the largest accelerator networks in the world. We were thrilled to be included in their IoT Cohort 17, presenting to a huge crowd at the Plug & Play November 2022 Summit. We were also invited to present at Supply Chain Visibility Day in Sunnyvale CA in early 2022.

Logo for Google Cloud<br />

Credits Program

In 2022, we were accepted into the GOOGLE CLOUD FOR STARTUPS program — getting access to startup experts, Cloud cost coverage, technical training, business support, and Google-wide offers. 

Logo for Newchip

Cash/Equity Accelerator

We were accepted into NEWCHIP, a 100% remote accelerator program, in January 2022. Newchip provided immensely valuable guidance around fundraising and messaging. Newchip’s coaches and mentors were top-notch and their advice was well worth the time and effort.

Logo for 5G Open Innovation Lab

Non-Equity Incubator

The 5G OPEN INNOVATION LAB is a global ecosystem for developers, enterprises, wireless carriers and technology leaders. If you are an edge-compute or 5G connectivity startup, apply to be a part of this amazing program.

Logo for Solar Impulse Foundation

Social Impact Collective

We joined the Solar Impulse Foundation’s WORLD ALLIANCE FOR EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS in 2019. The Alliance showcases clean and profitable solutions that have the potential to address today’s environmental challenges.

Logo for Microsoft for Startups

Credits Program

MICROSOFT FOR STARTUPS was the very first corporate credits program to accept us into their program. Plentiful Azure credits and tech support have allowed us to trial various cloud options and determine our pricing models.


Academic & industry partnerships

We’ve enjoyed working with several universities and industry groups on IoT, self-sovereign identity, and blockchain technologies. 

Logo for Duke University

Research Partner

We’re currently working with DUKE UNIVERSITY on developing a recyclable — and eventually biodegradable — cellular sensor. We hope to reduce electronics waste using this type of technology.

Logo for GA

Usability Partner

Global usability trade school GENERAL ASSEMBLY has not only provided us with researchers for both our B2B and consumer efforts, but also with astute user experience designers to build wireframes for our platform and our ProofScan™ mobile app.

Logo for the University of Washington

Marketing Strategy

UW undergrad and graduate student teams have helped create digital marketing plans and performed research into self-sovereign identity for items being tracked and shipped.

Logo for Sovrin Foundation

Self-Sovereign Identity

Our team participated in the SOVRIN FOUNDATION’S Self-Sovereign Identity in IoT Working Group. Our goal: to translate the concept of self-sovereign identities to proving that items in transit are indeed what they are claimed to be.

Logo for Thinkful

Usability Partner

Like General Assembly, we’ve created a relationship with THINKFUL in which student work helps us fulfill UX or coding tasks, while providing students with valuable real-world experience.

Logo for BBFTA

Trade Association

We’re well-chuffed to be a part of the brill BBFTA, a proper organization dedicated to providing the voice of the UK blockchain industry — and we’d be bloody barmy not to be! 

Standards bodies

One of our core tenets is interoperability, which comes through cooperation with globally-known standards organizations.

Logo for the GS1 Organization