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Watch over your shipments in real-time — all the way to your customer.

Specifically built for cold-chain collaboration and transparency

We’ve gone beyond asset tracking, data loggers, and simple point solutions to build a platform that enables and supports collaboration among you and your partners. We built it to track not only the location and temperature of a shipment, but who has custody, when did handoffs take place, and notifications that enable agile responses to supply chain disruptions.

Having real-time alerts means you can react quickly to save the value of a load — and preserve your full margin. 


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Real-time visibility

Monitor your shipment’s location and the environmental data inside the container: temperature, humidity, light, and more.

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Excursion alerts

Set optimal conditions, specify “danger zone” alerts, and “product lost” conditions that alert your partners to bad product.

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Traceability reporting

Get a shareable record of events that show what really happened during transit. Quickly resolve disputes and respond to audits.


Dynamic consortiums

Specify who your partners are and which data should be shared with them to enable collaboration and mutual benefit.

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Custody tracking

Specify who has custody of your product at each leg of shipping, so that you know how that partner is performing.

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Item-level tracking

Monitor your shipments with item-level granularity when shipping multiple products transported within the same shipment.

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