Software designed for collaboration

Bring your partners together to help ensure your buyers get the best possible product.

Specifically built for cold-chain collaboration and transparency

We’ve gone beyond asset tracking, data loggers, and simple point solutions to build a platform that enables and supports collaboration between you and your supply chain partners. We built it to track not only the location and temperature of a shipment, but who has custody, when did handoffs take place, and notifications that enable agile responses to supply chain disruptions.

Having real-time alerts means you can react quickly to save the value of a load — and preserve your full margin. 

Chain of custody made simple

Supply chains have become increasingly long and complex. A single chain of custody for perishables can extend an average of 1,500 miles and may include hundreds of people having access to your products.


Dynamic Consortiums

Our software was designed to document the Chain of Custody. Dynamic consortiums — groups of trade partners working together to get a perishable to market — are easy to set up and recall later. Save as many consortiums as you need.


Our powerful geo-fencing technology can reduce data entry. When sensors detect a container leaving a pre-determined radius, an automatic change of custody can be triggered.


We also document Custodians — individual trade partners involved with your product. This approach allows for detailed custody tracking and partner accountability. Tracking individual custodians (optional) also allows us to set data visibility by individual partner.

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Custody Mapping

Optionally map out the expected routes for individual custodies — and see the routes the shipment actually followed.

Customizable visibility

Share limited data without divulging proprietary data

Sharing location, transportation and environmental data with supply chain partners allows our customers to collaborate on shipments. Our platform can provide limited data views for shipping, warehousing and other partners — allowing them to operate more efficiently, save money, and collaborate around safety.

Improve customer service by empowering your buyers and partners

Shippers can share product location with buyers so they can anticipate delivery. Trucking locations and ETAs can help warehouses be ready, minimizing dwell time for the driver and overtime for the receiving staff.

This kind of real-time collaboration enables customers to comply with regulations, predict product quality, and prevent losses during transport.   

Designed for integration

Our platform was designed and built based on the Open API concept. We know our customers have already invested in platforms and technologies they prefer and appreciate. So we designed the Transparent Path platform to be as interoperable as possible. 

Have sensors you already prefer? No problem. Looking to add our visibility module to your existing TMS? We can do it. Using a non-standard dataset? We can integrate that.

We chose Open APIs because they provide multiple benefits for our customers and our development team. They are easier to implement, cost less to create, are cloud-based, allow for greater functionality, and makes our code more transparent.  


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Real-time visibility

Monitor your shipment’s location and the environmental data inside the container: temperature, humidity, light, and more.

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Excursion alerts

Set optimal conditions, specify “danger zone” alerts, and “product lost” conditions that alert your partners to bad product.

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Traceability reporting

Get a shareable record of events that show what really happened during transit. Quickly resolve disputes and respond to audits.


Dynamic consortiums

Specify who your partners are and which data should be shared with them to enable collaboration and mutual benefit.

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Custody tracking

Specify who has custody of your product at each leg of shipping, so that you know how that partner is performing.

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Item-level tracking

Monitor your shipments with item-level granularity when shipping multiple products transported within the same shipment.

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