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We are bringing together the technologies needed to
reduce food waste, risk, and supply chain insecurity.

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Connected shipment sensors continually report location, temperature, humidity, and other environmental data.

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Sensor data is audited and secured using blockchain encryption. Digital chain of custody data is shared with partners.

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Our AI engine predicts when something goes wrong, prescribes actions to head off risk before it occurs.

Food is a “pennies” business.

Exploding complexity. Growing regulation. Ecosystem stresses. A ballooning population.
The global food industry faces unprecedented pressures. But razor-thin margins discourage innovations that would lead to radical efficiencies and real-time resilience.

Fax paperwork

It’s created a data problem.

Even in 2020, food shipments continue to rely on paper records and fax machines, while data that could create significant efficiencies for food businesses remains locked in disparate systems.

New technologies like “blockchain for food” are trumpeted as solutions, but alone are mere pieces of the puzzle. The technology to reduce the need for paper, faxes, emails and phone calls has long existed — the challenge has been how to fund these technologies when thin margins create risk aversion.

Three technologies working in concert can increase agility, efficiency & certainty during uncertain times.

IoT sensors, gathering clean, blockchain-audited product data, can power predictive algorithms to anticipate supply chain issues before they happen.


This is the Transparent Path opportunity.

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We are food and tech executives on a mission to better secure our supply chain and reduce the $218B farm-to-landfill waste stream.

We’re currently seeking food producers, processors, logistics firms, DCs and retailers to partner with us on the expansion of our platform.

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Learn how connected sensors, blockchain security, and predictive intelligence can combine to create an efficient and agile supply chain for food.