Give your customers the intel they want.

Share real-time, end-to-end information to mitigate shared risks.

Don't let lost loads spoil your profitability.

Optimize your costs and performance, and get the full margins you committed to.

Know what really happened to your product during transit.

And stop playing he-said she-said with drivers and warehouses.

Ensure your efforts, products, and reputation aren't wasted.

Protect your valuable food, pharma and life sciences shipments — for pennies per pound.

Advanced supply chain visibility technologies

that reduce cost, risk, and planetary impact.

5G, IoT, AI and cloud technologies working together

to show you where your shipment is, right now — and how it’s being treated.

Image of a ProofTracker affixed to a pallet of apples


our advanced cellular sensors at time of shipment.

Photo of a man interacting with the Transparent Path platform on a laptop


location and conditions end-to-end, collaborating with partners.

Closeup of a mobile phone showing an email temperature alert


lost loads before they occur. Our alerts save shipments in jeopardy.

Closeup of a salmon steak with a FreshScore label on the outer packaging


product freshness using our proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

Products we protect


Icon of a steak

Meat Products

Icon of a steak


Fruit & Produce

Icon of a steak



High-value assets

Sensitive chemicals

Why real-time, end-to-end visibility?

Recoup lost costs.

Combat inflation by reclaiming cash lost to supply chain inefficiencies.

Get your full margin.

Ensure your products reach customers at peak freshness, quality and safety.

Supply chain transparency.

Eliminate wasted time resolving supply chain partner disputes.

React to issues with agility.

Proactively manage potential risks with enough lead time to implement optimal solutions.

Make lost loads a freak occurrence.

Turn lost loads into rare events, even during times of supply chain disruption.

Keep bad product off shelves.

Keep compromised product off retailers’ shelves, safeguarding customer — and consumer — trust.

Exceed customer expectations.

Fulfill the high quality and safety standards set by your customers.

Prove you met your SLAs.

Provide sensor-powered evidence to customers, confirming service-level agreements were met.

Why the Transparent Path platform?

Built for collaboration.

Our platform is specifically designed to facilitate seamless handoffs and coordination throughout the supply chain.

Designed for perishables.

Our platform was engineered specifically to ensure the integrity and safety of perishables during transit.

Icon of a pallet of boxes with a radio on top

Zero infrastructure costs.

Sensors ride with the load, letting customers monitor shipments no matter who has custody.

Complete visibility.

Continuously monitor location, temperature, humidity, shock, tilt, door opens, and more.

Icon by Monkik via

Intelligent freshness prediction.

Try FreshScore™, our unique, patent-pending freshness prediction metric.

Flexible pricing.

Use and reuse our trackers as many times as you’d like. Pay only by the month for the trackers you need.

We might be right for you if…

You regularly ship loads worth $50,000 or more

If you ship 25,000 lbs (11,300 kg) or more of perishable product weekly, we can make your boss think you’re a rockstar.

Icon by Monkik via

You're shipping chilled or frozen high-margin, highly-perishable goods

Salmon or saffron. Cabernet or corneas. Venison or vaccines. If it’s worth insuring, it’s worth preserving, with our platform.

You're burning cash on claims and reconciliation

Spending weeks or months waiting on your receivables? Hiring 1-2 people to handle reconciliations? Cut those costs!

You're experiencing losses due to supply chain disruption

Losing money in transit, but don’t know where or why loads are lost? Use our system to investigate — and mitigate — losses.

How much will you save using our platform?

Try our ROI Calculator

How much do you lose every year to rejections by retailers? What if you could claw back even 1% of those rejections each year?

Customer reactions

Over the past year, we’ve been adding Transparent Path’s technology to our loads that have shipped across the nation to food banks in the Feeding America network. Having the ability to track where each load is in transit and monitor the temperature gives us, and most importantly our customers, the assurance that the load will arrive in the best condition. This ensures the food bank can quickly distribute this fresh food to feed hungry people. Transparent Path’s sensors have gone beyond meeting our expectations for performance and reliability.

Rod Wieber

Executive Director, Feeding the Northwest

Why we do what we do

Photo of a tractor trailer with a sustainability message on its side

Meet us in person

DigiAdvance 2024

February 22, 2024 • Dublin, Ireland

Manifest 2024

Feb 5-7, 2024 • Las Vegas

Washington/Australia Trade Mission

Nov 1-11, 2023 • Sydney • Melbourne

More about us

The team

Photos of the Transparent Path team

A diverse team of entrepreneurs and enterprise expats, from companies like Xerox, Microsoft, Amazon, Pillsbury and Target. United by one goal: to keep perishables out of landfills. LEARN MORE >>>


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