We are thrilled to announce that Eric Weaver and Mark Kammerer will be representing Transparent Path at Hospitalar 2024, Brazil’s premier healthcare business tradeshow. This major event will take place from May 21-24, 2024, at São Paulo Expo.

As part of the Washington State Department of Commerce‘s trade mission, we will be joining seven other innovative exporters from our state at Booth E-240. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and potential partners from around the globe.

Transparent Path's ProofTracker™ Pro logistics tracking device

What to expect

We will be showcasing live demonstrations of the Transparent Path Visibility Platform, our advanced solution designed to address the complexities of pharmaceutical logistics. This platform offers real-time tracking, enhanced transparency, and actionable insights to ensure the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products from production to delivery.

Additionally, we are excited to offer hands-on demos of our new ProofTracker™ Pro pharmaceutical shipment monitors. These advanced IoT sensors are specifically designed to monitor and protect pharmaceutical shipments, providing real-time data on temperature, humidity, and location to guarantee that products arrive in optimal condition.

Why Visit Us?

  • Real-World Applications: We will discuss practical uses of our technology and how it can address your specific logistics challenges.
  • Addressing Pain Points: Brazil’s vast area and transportation challenges make the proper, compliant transport of critical vaccines, insulin, and other biomedical cargo crucial. Our solutions help reduce transportation costs, product risk, and healthcare impacts.
  • Ensuring Optimal Condition: Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to ensure that important medical products arrive in the best possible condition.
  • Real-Time Logistics Visibility: The Transparent Path Visibility Platform provides real-time, end-to-end logistics visibility, monitoring changes of custody, and sending out real-time alerts when shipments are in jeopardy. This allows logistics partners to intervene and save the shipments.

We invite all attendees to visit us at Booth E-240 to learn more about how Transparent Path can help you achieve greater efficiency and reliability in your supply chain. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the future of pharmaceutical logistics firsthand.

To schedule an appointment, contact one of our customer coordinators via WhatsApp at +55 11 98155-4446.

See you in São Paulo!