SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — DECEMBER 12, 2018 — Food traceability venture Transparent Path today announced it has been accepted to WeWork Labs’ Seattle accelerator as a founding member.

WeWork provides shared workspaces and services for technology startups. Its WeWork Labs division, founded in 2011, functions as a startup incubator within WeWork, providing community, education, connections and mentorship to startups. The Seattle location, the first on the West Coast, opened for business in September 2018.

Elizabeth Scallon
WeWork Labs’ Liz Scallon

In addition to offering traditional WeWork services, Labs is “a curated, hand-holding experience for startups,” said Elizabeth Scallon, head of WeWork Labs Northwest. The location, at 1411 Fourth Avenue in Seattle, will focus on some of the technologies Seattle is becoming known for, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented / blended / virtual reality, and blockchain. Along with Transparent Path, other local blockchain startups in the Seattle accelerator include Concreit and Every*. 

“WeWork Labs is a good match for us,” said Transparent Path President and Co-Founder Mark Kurtz. “Given our investments into blockchain, IoT and digital packaging ventures, a central location where we can rub shoulders with other blockchain startups provides a good opportunity for collaboration and partnerships.”

Transparent Path provides the hardware, software and services to show where your food comes from, how it got to you, and what happened to it along the way. Its innovative combination of IoT sensors, on-package memory and blockchain-based logistics data is aimed at reducing risk for providers, retailers, supply chain partners, and consumers. Transparent Path is a division of Transparent Holdings, a West Coast incubator focused on the food, beauty, pharma and cannabis sectors.