5G, IoT and AI create real business opportunities in ag and supply chain – not just tech for tech’s sake.

On September 21st, I’ll be in San Jose, California to do a talk on sensor technologies and how they’re helping us fight food waste, capital waste, and food insecurity.

Sensors Converge will be held at the McEnery Convention Center from September 21-23. My talk will be titled 5G and IoT Join the Battle to Fight Food Waste and Hunger.


Photo by Joel Muniz via Unsplash.com.

With 43 million Americans food-insecure or downright hungry in 2021, it’s ironic and sad that the US wastes more than $400B in food annually. According to global shipper Maersk, IBM, and food waste non-profit ReFED, between 63%-75% of that food waste happens in the supply chain — before retail.

As you know, the Transparent Path mission is to reduce waste and risk by saving shipments of perishables in the supply chain that go bad through a lack of visibility. Our work with Feeding the Northwest, a part of the Feeding America network, is all about keeping the money and food donated to food banks and shelters from spoiling in transit.

My talk will cover how we’re helping Feeding the Northwest, how continuously-connected IoT sensors can be used in 5G networks to keep food safe, and I’ll talk about the race to get to a compostable food sensor.

The conference will be held both in person and virtually. Register here.