Shipment Setup

How to set up your first shipment in the Transparent Path Visibility Platform.

close-up photo of a tracker being checked for power

1. Check that the tracker is powered on

Quickly press and release the green Start button. If the tracker is on, the blue light should flash 5-6 times. If no light appears, press and hold the Start button until the blue light appears continuously, then release the button. Still nothing? Charge the device.

Photo of a tracker affixed to a pallet of apples

2. Affix the tracker - and remember its number

Peel off the adhesive cover on the back of the tracker and affix it to a pallet you want to track. Be aware that closer the tracker is to the container door, the more that may skew your readings. Be sure to write down the tracker number for Step 8 below.

Screenshot of the Transparent Path platform main page

3. Create a new shipment

Log into the Transparent Path Visibility Platform, and go to the Shipments Tab. Click the Add Shipment button.

Screenshot of an initial shipment setup in the Transparent Path visibility platform

4. Add basic shipment details

Add the basic shipment details, setting status, mode, planned departure, planned arrival, and units of measure.

Closeup of the Transparent Path visibility platform, Add Item screen

5. Choose the items to ship

Choose the items going into this shipment from a previously entered set of SKUs.

Closeup of the Transparent Path visibility platform, Custodian screen

6. Choose your custodians

Select the parties in your consortium who will have custody of this shipment during transit: carriers, 3PLs, warehouses, and customers.

Closeup of the Transparent Path visibility platform, Select Tracker screen<br />

7. Select your tracker

If successfully powered on (and not already assigned to another shipment), the tracker you attached to the shipment will appear in a pull-down list of available devices. Select it and Save.

Closeup of the Transparent Path visibility platform, Set Temperature and Humidity screen

8. Set your optimal temperature and humidity

Set the optimal temperature and humidity ranges for your product. When the tracker shows an excursion, a real-time alert will be sent to the appropriate parties of your choosing, so they can intervene and save the shipment.

Closeup of the Transparent Path visibility platform, Shipments Page

9. Save your shipment - you're done!

Once saved, your shipment will appear in the Shipments list. Edit or delete the shipment as desired.

Closeup of a man using the Transparent Path visibility platform

You've got real-time visibility!

Sit back and watch your shipment’s conditions and location in real-time — or go about your business. The system will alert you if a shipment needs attention or intervention.

Close-up photo of a Tive tracker with both lights fully illuminated

For long-term monitoring, charge your battery

if you plan on using your tracker for long-term storage, be sure to fully charge it with a cell phone charger and USB Micro cable. While charging, the blue light will be on continuously. When both red and blue lights are illuminated as shown, the tracker is fully charged.

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