Proven, advanced technologies



IoT, cloud, AI, and printed electronics — working together for smarter supply chains.

We employ advanced technologies that work.

“Blockchain for food” is not a tagline you should look for. No single technology is the cure. Visibility is borne out of several selected technologies working together to create tangible business outcomes. You know. Like hitting your numbers. Proving you met your KPIs. Or getting your bonus.

Cellular IoT

Our sensors are housed within a cellular IoT gateway. They don’t require infrastructure (like RFID), proximity (like NFC), or added complexity (like Bluetooth). Their ease of use is great for non-technical staff. Turn them on and go.

Open-source, cloud operations

Creating a proprietary platform powered by open source code lets us work with agility and speed, while leveraging talent and community. Operating on Google Cloud lets us leverage their scalability and security.

Photo of a woman creating source code on a desktop computer
Photo of a salmon fillet with a FreshScore™ rating

Predictive analytics

Predictive technologies look for patterns in the location and conditions data we collect. They power our freshness prediction algorithms, allowing us to predict how fresh a product will be upon arrival.

Printed electronics

We don’t want our sensor-powered company to put millions of electronic devices into landfills. So we’re partnering with Duke University and the University of Washington to create our own recyclable, paper-based printed electronics sensors. 

Photo of a Transparent Path PathTag™ printed sensor
Photo of a server room

Distributed ledger

We offer a blockchain option for customers who want supply chain events immutably recorded. Our platform of choice is Hyperledger Fabric, a proven, enterprise-tested ledger technology.

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