Thanks to our friends at the 5G Open Innovation Lab, we were featured on the GeekWire homepage as part of the Lab’s first cohort.

Our relationship with the Lab has been an unexpected and powerful boost to our business in almost every way. I’ll explain more about that in a subsequent post.

I’ve kicked off five startups in my life: Kabel New Media US, Brand Dialogue, SoundPrinciples, GSD Partners, and Transparent Path. I’ve never felt more driven, more certain and more passionate about a startup than I do about Transparent Path. And yet, likely due to COVID-19, civil unrest, political polarization and all of the other crappy things 2020 brought us, I’ve run into so many naysayers and skeptics.

My main point to other brave entrepreneurs trying to launch startups during the insanity of 2020: don’t let others’ unhappiness make you feel like you can’t win. Read my response to Taylor’s questions here.

– Eric Weaver