Field Trial Agreement Terms

Please take a moment to read these terms

Thank you for your interest in trying out our advanced tracking platform! We’re thrilled and want to get started immediately.

Your authorization and agreement is required.

We incur costs to provide you with a free field trial. Before we can move forward, we require that you review and accept the following terms and conditions. Thanks for your understanding. This document represents a legal agreement with you (“Customer”).

How our Field Trial Program works

A Transparent Path field trial program is a low-risk, low-cost way of trying out our technologies to see what benefits they might bring to your business.

It’s not something we do for everyone. Here’s what to expect.

What's in this free trial? πŸ€‘

For no more than 30 days (or a different length contractually agreed to), Transparent Path will provide you (“Customer”) with:

  1. A fixed number of sensors (usually 2)
  2. A fixed number of logins to access the Transparent Path visibility platform
  3. A fixed length for the trial (usually 30 days)
  4. An online training session and help onboarding
  5. Our excursion alert services
  6. Technical support during the trial

What's not free? 😞

While we like providing free trials, we incur costs to ship trackers to you. So as the Customer, you agree to pay shipping costs for our sensor devices, from Transparent Path or its agents. It’s not a lot but it adds up.


What happens during the trial? 🧐


We work with you to gather basic product and shipment details. This helps us set you up in our system. Your information remains CONFIDENTIAL to anyone but us and authorized supply chain partners.Β 


Our account team will work with you to schedule one 60-minute online training class for your staff, in English, using Zoom or Teams. Attendees will get a User Guide for later reference. Let us know your language preferences for the documentation.

Prepping the shipments

Affixing the trackers to pallets

Your team affixes the trackers on pallets in your desired shipment before it goes out. This can be done with a simple ziptie or using the adhesive pad on the back of the tracker.

Creating the shipment in our platform

You then enter the details about the shipment(s) you want to track, and assign the tracker to that shipment. Set the shipment status as Planned.

Monitor the shipments in real-time

Once the shipments are set to Enroute, you can see their location and environmental conditions in real-time. We can help you through setting up and monitoring your first shipment.

Reuse, recharge, repeat

Once the tracker has arrived at its final destination, you can ship it back to the shipping origin point and reuse it, as many times as you want within the trial period (typically 30 days).

When you can see how your product is being treated in real-time, you’ll start to see the benefits of a real-time visibility platform like Transparent Path!

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After the trial: becoming our valued customer πŸ₯°

Our sincere wish is that you will continue to use the Transparent Path platform after the trial, through a contractual agreement. Our account team will work with you to determine your costs, which are based on volume.

Our fees combine tracker costs with a monthly platform access fee. Once you begin, you would order a number of trackers from us. We would ship them to you, and you would retain and manage your own inventory of our trackers and apply them to their shipments as needed.

We’ll take good care of you β€” we promise!

Should you choose not to continue 😭😭😭

Should you as Customer choose not to continue with us, Customer agrees to return Transparent Path devices upon trial program completion, or pay us US$150 for every device not returned to us within thirty calendar days after the trial has ended. This helps us provide free trials to others as well.

Please save us all time and money and return any unused devices.

And if you want to come back and subscribe in the future, please give us a ring. We’d love to help!

Responsibilities during the trial program

Your (“Customer”) Responsibilities

Not disclosing confidential information

As our Customer, you agree not to disclose any Confidential Information (knowledge about our business, our rates, or our process not generally known to the public) to any third party.

Attending our training sessions

Customer agrees that it will ensure all of its representatives who will be using the Transparent Path platform or devices will be present during Transparent Path-led system training. Customer is responsible for training any of their representatives or employees who cannot attend.

Recharging tracker batteries while they are in your possession

Customer is responsible for charging the tracker batteries before and during the trial. Transparent Path cannot be held liable if sensors are not fully charged prior to deployment.

While we and our third-party partners typically ship our trackers with fully charged batteries, both parties acknowledge that proper operation of the Transparent Path platform relies on the Customer taking steps to properly charge our trackers prior to shipment.

Also, improperly set measurement intervals can lead to premature battery drain and tracker shutdown prior to delivery. Without real-time visibility, valuable loads can be lost. Transparent Path is not liable for the consequences of a Customer failure to charge tracker batteries prior to shipment.


Proper placement of trackers on shipments

Our trackers will not properly monitor environmental conditions, or may not be able to communicate with nearby cell towers, if they are placed incorrectly on shipments. For example, if your team tapes over the sensor holes on the front of our trackers, temperature, light or humidity readings may be skewed. It’s the Customer’s responsibility to properly place our trackers. Ask us for guidance!

Reverse logistics

If reusing our trackers during the trial, Customer is responsible for retrieving trackers from the receiving parties, and paying for any return postage or shipping costs.

Setting up and initiating shipments

Customer is responsible for setting up and initiating all shipments within the Transparent Path platform. You’re also responsible for assigning sensors to their shipments using our platform. It’s easy β€” we’ll show you how to do it!

Sensors must be assigned to shipments within our platform β€” and turned on β€” in order to be used. Transparent Path is not responsible for the use or lack of use of our devices or software during the trial program. Don’t have time? Not working out? Just let us know.

Monitoring shipments

Unless otherwise stated, Customer is responsible for monitoring their shipments, watching for excursions, and taking actions to preserve shipments. Transparent Path is solely responsible for providing the equipment and software access to allow customers to monitor shipments.

That said, we do offer a Managed Control Tower service, in which we do all of the monitoring and proactive alerting for you. As a team member for more details.

Transparent Path’s Responsibilities

Not disclosing confidential information

Transparent Path agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information (knowledge about your business, your rates, or your process not generally known to the public) to any third party, unless you give us written permission.

Account setup

Transparent Path will assist the customer with initial setup of company, item and custodian data.

Customer Training

Transparent Path will provide Customer with one online training session, conducted using online videoconferencing. Transparent Path will train attendees on system setup and operations.

System uptime

Transparent Path guarantees server and access uptime to 99.8%.

Account support

Account support for the trial is provided via email or phone, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm US Eastern Time. For help, email, or leave a message on our support phone line at +1 408 475 7710.

Email or phone inquiries during the work week will receive a response within 24 hours (up to 48 hours during weekends).

Trial Program Caveats

(aka “things beyond our control that are not our fault”)

Your availability = success

We understand β€” you’re busy! But successful trial execution, including onboarding, training, and day-to-day trial operations, requires availability and communication between Transparent Path and Customer personnel and related parties. Should trial progress be hindered due to lack of availability or communication, you would help facilitate resolutions toward these issues.

If for whatever reason you or your teams are unavailable to participate in a trial, email us and we will reschedule for a more convenient time.


Availability of cellular carriers or signal

Our sensors are guaranteed by the manufacturer to work on standard cellular bands used by common telecom providers. Consequently, if mobile networks go down, map, location, environmental, and other data may not be available or displayed on the platform.

Transparent Path is not liable for interruptions in, nor interference with, third-party telecom carriers, nor for sensors not operating in areas where cellular service does not exist.

Even if you lose signal, we still have to charge you for the equipment rental!

Delays in device availability or shipping

Worldwide supply chains can be sketchy β€” and sometimes shipments get held up at Customs. You acknowledge that 1) component availability might impact a trial, and 2) local customs clearance or delays might delay a trial start date.

Neither of these are within our control, but we’ll work with you to set your expectations before kicking off a trial.

Customer security practices

You (“Customer”) are responsible for the maintenance and secrecy of your passwords to our platform. Customer acknowledges they are fully responsible for all activities that occur on their Transparent Path accounts, including any data loss or theft. Transparent Path advises Customer not to share their platform login with others, but to instead request additional logins for other parties.

Customer-owned, third-party, or public technologies

We’re not liable for issues related to the condition of your computers, networks, equipment, the World Wide Web, or other public networks.

If you choose a third-party tracker, sometimes their platform may go down. We can’t anticipate this.

Customer data entry

Beyond data backups and system uptime, Transparent Path is not liable for any specific data entered by the customer, including shipment details, custodians, items or devices.

Customers must enter their own data correctly in order to use the system effectively during the trial program.

Equipment failure

It happens: sometimes we’ll get trackers that fail when shipped from our factory or a third-party partner. It could be due to mishandling, damage, or just plain equipment failure.

We’ll refund you for shipping and get you new equipment at no charge.

Power issues

While our trackers come from our factory or our partners mostly charged, we recommend topping up the battery level prior to use β€” and keeping them powered off until they are needed.

Please double-check your device to ensure it is fully charged and powered on prior to assigning it to a shipment.

Acceptance of Field Trial Terms and Conditions