Risk mitigation for shipments of perishable goods

Discover how Transparent Path’s advanced real-time visibility technologies are transforming the insurance industry — for shipments of perishable goods like food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Data-driven support for policyholders

Transparent Path’s technology provides a wealth of data on various aspects of the shipment process, such as temperature fluctuations, transit times, and handling conditions. Analyzing this data over time can reveal valuable insights and trends, helping you optimize your underwriting strategies, identify high-risk routes or carriers, and customers make data-driven decisions to improve overall operational efficiency.


Enhance risk management, and reduce losses

Our real-time tracking proactively monitor shipments throughout their journey. Policyholders identify potential issues early, take preventive actions, and reduce the likelihood of losses. Data-driven insights drive smarter underwriting decisions.

Optimize risk assessment and premium pricing

Accurate risk assessment is crucial for fair premium pricing. Transparent Path’s historical data insights enable more informed underwriting decisions. Tailor policies based on actual risk exposure, ensuring profitability and customer value.

Faster investigations, speedier claim resolution

Transparent Path’s technology streamlines the investigation process, and provides a comprehensive audit trail. With an automated record of what really happened, you can expedite claim resolution and enhance customer satisfaction.

Combat insurance fraud with verifiable data

Shipment stopped at an unusual place? Doors unexpectedly opened? Transparent Path’s real-time visibility technology provides accurate, verifiable data on shipment events, helping you detect and prevent fraudulent claims effectively.

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Empower policyholders with real-time visibility

With visibility, policyholders have better control over their insured shipments. When they adopt our technology, your customers are empowered with better data — reducing their costs, reducing your risk, and improving customer satisfaction.

Supply chain resilience and contingency planning

Transparent Path’s platform offers real-time insights into supply chain dynamics, facilitating proactive contingency planning and enhancing supply chain resilience. More efficient delivery = better financial health.

We vet and test the latest tech so you don’t have to

In a world short on time, investigating which technologies provide tangible financial benefits can be a full-time job. And industries that embrace innovation are better equipped to face future challenges. By convincing customers to adopt real-time visibility technology, you position your firm for a better future in the insurance sector — ensuring long-term relevance and competitiveness.

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