Freight Forwarding

Continuous visibility into customers’ shipments

Our technologies help freight forwarders be more efficient, more compliant and more communicative.

When time is precious, clarity is key

When trying to track any one of the 24 million TEUs circulating globally, the stakes are especially high for your customers’ perishable shipments. Temperature issues, misinformation, delays, and lack of visibility can bring financial disaster, and the urgency of timely delivery is paramount.

Transparent Path understands these unique challenges. We’ve crafted a comprehensive mix of hardware and software that not only saves you time but offers real-time visibility, environmental monitoring, and richer, more timely information. Going far beyond being “one more dashboard,” our platform is designed to empower freight forwarders to stay competitive, resilient, and future-fit in the perishable goods industry. 

Closeup of the Transparent Path interface

Avoid delays through enhanced efficiency

Delays put your customers’ shipments at immediate risk. Transparent Path’s real-time tracking and environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, tilt, shock, and light exposure) ensure you know exactly what’s happening inside the container at any given minute, with a minute-by-minute record of everything that’s happened— along with real time intervention alerts for land-based shipments.

Collaborate to meet and exceed customer expectations

Real-time supply chain transparency is essential for perishable goods. Transparent Path’s Visibility Platform facilitates collaboration with various stakeholders and provides customers with optional login access to see shipment locations, ensuring freshness and quality every step of the way. Our real-time visibility and dynamic collaboration tools turn challenges into competitive advantages.

Man examines apples in a plastic bin.
Man loading truck with plastic bins.

Being resilient in the face of disruptions

Transparent Path’s platform enhances resilience and adaptability with features like dynamic consortiums of supply chain partners, tracking of individual shipment custodians, and automated changes of custody based on geographic ring-fencing. Our real-time visibility ensures end-to-end supply chain transparency, offering the data you need to adapt to fluctuating market conditions and unforeseen challenges.

Streamline your communications and connect your teams

Our real- time visibility into location and environmental conditions gives freight forwarders and edge in perishable goods. Our platform’s open APIs allow for easy integration with other sensors or legacy platforms — enhancing agility and reducing wasted time on shipping “mysteries.” Provide customers and partners with customized information, protecting proprietary data while providing time-saving visibility.

Two men communicating over video conference. One giving a thumbs up gesture.
A quality control inspector reviews apples in a packing facility.

Ease compliance efforts

Food and pharmaceuticals have explicit compliance requirements. We make your job simpler by providing detailed logistics data that eases traceability reporting. We also quantify carbon savings created by saved shipments, to allow for environmental reporting.

Software features


Collect location, temperature, humidity and other information as frequently as you’d like — every minute, every 6 hours, or anything in between.


Sensors ride with the shipment, allowing for end-to-end monitoring regardless of cross-docking, warehousing or changes of custody.


Pay only for the shipments you initiate. Equipment, software, cloud and telecom costs are all included in the per-shipment fee.

Customizable alerts

Set your own thresholds for real-time alerts to track temperature, humidity, shock or tilt excursions, as well as unexpected container door opens.

Easy reporting

Get incredibly detailed provenance and conditions reports on any active or completed shipment. Need traceability data? Just press Print!

Shipment templates

Don’t waste time re-entering the same information for multiple shipments. Our templates make storing shipping information a snap.

Dynamic consortiums

Create consortiums for each shipment. Set data access for each supply chain partner: suppliers, carriers, 3PLs, warehouses, and receivers.

Automated changes of custody

We use ring-fencing technology to determine when shipments leave a location. Automate changes of custody and spend less time on tech.

Custody tracking

Who’s got the shipment? Our optional custody tracking allows you to monitor who has custody of your shipment at any time.

Control tower service

Don’t have the ability to add another task to your team’s plate? Transparent Path will monitor your shipments in real-time and alert you to any issues requiring your attention.

Hardware features

Choice of sensors

Choose our industry-leading ProofTracker Pro (coming December 2023) or shipment trackers from our partner Tive. Lithium-ion and non-lithium options available.

Single- or multiple-use

Use our devices once (and recycle them appropriately) or multiple times. All our sensors can be recharged using a standard phone charger.

Key environmental factors

Track location (via GPS, WiFi or cellular triangulation), shock, temperature, humidity, tilt, and light exposure — key factors for monitoring perishables. 

Track pallets, crates or packages

Our platform can track multiple items in each container. Monitor at a container, pallet, crate or package level — perfect for high-margin shipments.

Use for shipping or storage

Attach to a pallet to track your shipment, or leave with a shipment in cold storage. Plug-in rechargeability means never losing visibility.

IP67 water resistance

Industry-leading IP67 water and dust resistance means our trackers are suitable for wet shipments like fresh or frozen foods, live animals, or liquids.

Biodegradable components

Our ProofTracker Pro device is built with an eco-friendly, biodegradable PHA case — our first step toward compostable electronics now in development!

Probes available

We offer both Dry Ice (-100°C to +50°C) and Cryogenic (-200°C to +50°C) probes through our partner Tive. Monitor blood, embryos, tuna, and more.

Remote access

We can update sensor temperature settings, logging intervals, and even turn sensors on and off remotely — giving you incredible agility in tracking products.

Bring a valuable, add-on, real-time visibility option to your customers

In a world short on time, investigating which technologies provide tangible financial benefits can be a full-time job. And industries that embrace innovation are better equipped to face future challenges. By convincing customers to add real-time visibility technology to their shipments, you position your firm for a better future — ensuring long-term relevance and competitiveness.

Add real-time, end-to-end visibility to your offer today

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