Supply chain peace of mind

Real-time tracking and predictive freshness for the unique challenges in the poultry business

Help for the time-starved

In the poultry business, customers are dealing with temperature-sensitive products, strict regulatory compliance, high volumes, and bio-security risks. All while striving to maximize shelf life and delivering the freshest products to your customers. It can be a lot. 

We created the Transparent Path platform to help you reduce the amount of time needed to get the job done, giving you back time normally lost to reconciling rejections or tracking down shipments.

Photo of a box of eggs

Designed for perishables

Our real-time, end-to-end shipment tracking provides you with the visibility to ensure cold chain continuity and timely delivery. From the moment your products leave your facility, to the moment they arrive at their destination, you and your customers have a clear view of your supply chain.

Designed for tracking custody

Our platform keeps track of who has custody of your shipment, and uses geo-fencing technology to determine changes in that custody. Know exactly when a new party takes control of your product.


Photo of chickens in a large production facility
Photo of a box of eggs

Designed for collaboration

Collaboration between you and your supply chain partners becomes simple. Offer partial or full visibility into your shipment location and metrics. Build stronger relationships, improve efficiency, and work together as a unified team.

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