Supply chain mishaps shouldn't wipe out your season's profits.

Protect your bottom line — for less than a penny a pound.

Producers and processors:

Protect your shipments. in transit — and get full margin for your product.

Logistics providers:

Don’t get stuck with the bill. Prove you delivered, on-time and cold-chain compliant.

React in real time.

Don’t rely on after-the-fact loggers. Keep a constant eye on quality and safety.

Differentiate with freshness.

What if you could predict how fresh your product would be on arrival? Our predictive algorithms calculate a “credit score for freshness.”

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Eric Weaver


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Lauren Adler

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Transparent Path overview


Who we are

We are a Seattle-based technology firm that specializes in cold-chain visibility. Our mission is to keep your food and your capital out of landfills. The team is made up of former enterprise execs who left the corporate world to build our own platform and reduce food waste.

We’ve used our tech chops to put together a system that combines always-on environmental and location sensors to keep an eye on your product at all times.


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What we do

We place our always-on 5G sensors on your load at time of shipment. The sensors travel with the load, so no matter how many times it was cross-docked or changed hands, we can maintain proof of cold-chain compliance.

Customers can monitor shipment location and conditions like temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock. When something starts to go sideways, we send near-real-time alerts, allowing the driver or warehouse to intervene and save the load.

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Why we're here

If there was a category that needed real-time visibility, it’s fresh fish! Food safety, freshness, increasing regulations, and wanting to get your full margins are all huge motivations to use a sysetm that provides proof of what really happened to your shipment in transit.

Collaborate across your supply chain and start ensuring products are as fresh as possible, in real time and from shore to store.

Case Study: Feeding the Northwest

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a TempTale?

Our devices are CELLULAR – they are always connected through their own 4G/5G connection, and transmit across 95% of the globe. They are battery powered and can last up to 30 days before recharging. They require no USB connection. And they capture location, temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock.

You set the optimal conditions, and the ranges when a warning should be sent, and the platform does the rest.

Traditional data loggers capture temperature and sometimes also humidity. They usually do not capture location. They store the readings internally and generally can be downloaded over USB after arrival. Some work with Wifi to connect to the phone of the driver. 

With few exceptions, they do not warn you in real time when location or conditions are creating risk for your shipment.


What does this cost?

Our fixed per-shipment fee is a kind of insurance policy keeping a constant eye on your shipment to prevent problems before they spiral out of control. Protect a 15,000-lb load for less than a penny per pound.

Is this for FTL shipments only?

No. You can monitor FTL, LTL or LCL, or even individual cases or crates. The sensors ride with the load, not the container or truck, so cross-docking doesn’t interrupt visibility. Watch your shipments across the entire supply chain, regardless of who has custody.

How do I see the data?

You log into our dashboard on the web, where you can track shipment location and conditions, change destinations, and receive alerts. You’ll receive regular updates on temperature, humidity, light, tilt and shock.

How hard is it to use?

It’s as easy as sticking a sensor to a pallet or case and turning it on.

How long do the batteries last?

FRESH: With readings every 30 minutes, the sensors will transmit for about 30 days before needing a recharge.

FROZEN: If you’re monitoring frozen in a warehouse or DC, batteries will last up to 100 days on a once-daily reading. You can also use a simple phone charger to keep the devices powered up indefinitely.

You can set the frequency at which you want updated readings. The frequency determines battery life between charges.

What's the temperature range?

Our current sensors can monitor from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F), and are accurate to ±0.5°C. We’re building partnerships with sensor providers that can go lower, depending on your product’s specific requirements.

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Created by Intel for their channel sales program, our Solution Brief goes into detail on how our technology works.

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Download our Consumer Research

Over 55% of consumers in our 2020 research study said they would pay up to 10% more for food that provided them with more information about origins, provenance and conditions.

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“Transparent Path’s sensors and platform have gone beyond meeting our expectations for performance and reliability.”

Rod Wieber

Executive Director, Feeding the Northwest