SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — Wednesday, June 19, 2019 — Food visibility venture Transparent Path today announced an expansion of their management team and advisory board, aimed at taking the firm from scrappy startup to enterprise-ready technology platform.

Taking the lead on business strategy, sales and investor relations is MARK KAMMERER in the role of Chief Strategy Officer. A long-time veteran of the hospitality industry, Kammerer previously served as General Manager for Expedia, and SVP Sales and Marketing for Holland America Line. He gives back to the Seattle community through service on the boards of Food Lifeline and the World Affairs Council.

“This technology is coming, and visibility is critical to keeping trust in what we eat,” said Kammerer. “Transparent Path is focused on putting that power into everyone’s hands.”

Also joining Transparent Path is AHMAD ALKABRA as Chief Technology Officer. A product and technology leader with over 15 years leading the definition, design, development and launch of transformative products. Alkabra was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Appsolutely, launching the LoyalCoin blockchain product globally, and led strategic initiatives like T-Mobile Tuesdays for T-Mobile US.

Incenting positive behaviors with ProofScore

Besides its innovative food visibility platform combining IoT, digital packaging and blockchain, Transparent Path is also looking to shake up the food industry through ProofScore™, its unique “FICO score for food.” ProofScore ranks food producers and supply chain partners by their data transparency and audibility.

Heading up the ProofScore Initiative is Dr. BADRI NARAYANAN, an applied economist with over 16 years of experience in economic modeling and data science. Narayanan has served as a economics consultant to McKinsey, Harvard University Medical School, the University of Washington, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the European Commission.

Heading up user experience and consumer storytelling is PAULÉ WOOD as Director of Experience Design. Formerly global lead for last-mile user experience at Amazon Logistics, Paulé’s career has included senior creative and experience design roles for T-Mobile, Microsoft, Earth Economics, Eddie Bauer and IBM, where they served as Creative Director for IBM Global Services.

Advising the company’s IoT research efforts is TONY LEONE. Tony spent 18 years at Xerox leading the iconic brand’s technology and service innovation efforts. Before Xerox, Tony developed the first retail photo kiosk for Kodak. Over the course of his career at Xerox, Kodak, Texas Instruments and Sun Microsystems, Tony authored 17 patents on breakthrough electronics applications. He advises the new team on sensor technologies.

Co-founder joins advisory board members from Walmart and Numi Tea

Joining the company’s advisory board is co-founder MARK KURTZ. Now an executive with Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Marketing group, Mark moves from an operational to advisory role for the company. He joins CRAIG HERKERT, former president of Walmart Americas, and MARIA EMMER-AANES, VP sales and marketing for Numi Organic Tea, in providing industry insights to the management team.

“The breadth and depth of the talent of these executives is incredible,” stated Eric Weaver, CEO. “The fact that they are joining us on this mission speaks volumes about the growing consumer desire for facts and transparency within the food industry.” 

Successful proof-of-concept: fork-to-farm traceability for apples

In April 2019, Transparent Path completed its first proof-of-concept with Jack Brown Produce of Sparta, Michigan. Working with Jack Brown, the Transparent Path team tested IoT sensor candidates using radio, NFC and Bluetooth technologies, connecting them to a working blockchain data ecosystem. The integration created data visibility for apple shipments from retailers across the Eastern US back to individual Michigan farms.

“The food industry is ripe for an upgrade,” declared Weaver. “We have the technology to identify food safety and waste issues much earlier in the supply chain. This impressive team will help food companies reduce financial, reputational and health risks, and I am humbled by their desire to help us make an impact on the world.”