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A Transparent Path audit can help you get the resources you need.

An objective, third-party audit of your supply chain operations can help justify much-needed resources, workflow changes, and technologies.

Through sheer force of will…

You and your team have been soldiering through the pandemic, finding replacement drivers, reefers, chassis, and alternate routes. New regulations are coming. Your planner just quit. Management keeps asking for updates. When your day consists of endless phone calls, Zoom calls, and emails, you’d love to investigate potential failure points and potential efficiencies, but right now, you just. Have to. Make it. Through. Today.

Get out in front. Stay out in front.

Our third-party operational audits are designed to give you your life back. We identify the operational and communication bottlenecks, the problem suppliers, the ESG impacts, and the recurring pain points in your logistics operations, and we create a set of recommendations for management — including cost justifications. And we leave you with a scorecard you can use without us. We act as your champion within the organization, reinforcing your voice with outside expertise earned at places like Amazon, Star Market, and Earth Economics.

Photo of the Transparent Path research team at work

What we audit

  • Supply chain operations
  • Purchasing and fulfillment
  • Supplier and vendor relationships
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Environmental and social impacts

Why we audit

  • Failure points and hidden costs can ruin your year-end financials
  • Suppliers, vendors and employees can all introduce unforeseen impacts
  • Stakeholders are increasingly calling for transparency and ESG reporting
  • Given talent shortages and endless supply chain flux, it’s tough to get ahead of this without help
Meme of Steve Carrell from The Office, cringing. Caption reads, "When i hear my boss on a call making promises to the customer". Source: Instagram, SupplyChainMeme.

What we deliver

  • A management-friendly overview of your operations, and the health of your supply chain
  • A review of existing and potential risks to revenue and reputation
  • Opportunities identified and recommendations made to improve performance and resilience
  • Recommendations on creating better business relationships and increased trust with partners
  • A framework to measure supply chain improvements in terms of ESG metrics

Why Transparent Path?

  • Experience at Amazon, Star Market, and produce haulers
  • Sustainability experience through Earth Economics
  • Management consulting experience for more than 100 major brands
  • A focus on achievable, no-BS recommendations

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