Cold chain compliance

Compliance is a given. So prove you complied.

Compliance is good for business.

The more chaotic and disorder in the world, the greater the likelihood of added governmental regulations to enforce product safety and quality — particularly when they can affect public health. 

Regulatory compliance, required by law, helps maintain the quality and freshness of perishable goods. And it prevents unnecessary fines and legal action. But it goes beyond the government.

Your brand reputation, your repeat business, and your customer satisfaction are all dependent upon compliance. 

Why is it important?

Prove compliance to protect your bottom line

It’s unfortunate, but some people like to operate in less-than-ethical ways. Others will leverage a lack of transparency to try to push blame and costs onto partners.

Our platform promotes transparency among partners that keeps everyone honest. Sellers, buyers, carriers and warehouses all see the same (permitted) cold chain data. And because we send out real-time alerts when compliance is in jeopardy, partners can see you took action to preserve load safety and value.

Easy, thorough record-keeping

To excel during an audit, you’ll need a thorough data trail — specific measurements showing that the conditions for your product were optimal, from the time they departed your facility, all the way to the buyer.

How do we do it?

Sensors that are always on, always connected

Our tracking sensors are continuously connected to our platform using 4G or 5G cellular data networks. Each sensor houses a SIM card, providing a unique identifier to our system. As location and environmental data is collected, the sensor makes a regular timed connection to our platform, uploading the latest GPS location and data around temperature, humidity, etc. These trackers reduce waste, the risk of spoilage, and keep your product out of landfills. 

They also provide valuable data to help you continuously improve your supply chains and make smart decisions in your day-to-day operations. 

Cloud or blockchain — your choice

The Transparent Path platform creates this data record for each of your shipments, storing it in our cloud platform. And for customers who desire the immutability of a blockchain ledger, for an extra fee, we can store the final data record in a shared private ledger using the industry standard Hyperledger Fabric, or an alternative chain of your choosing.


Prove you kept product compliant — shore to store.

Contact our management team to set up an online demonstration of the Transparent Path platform.