Proof of origin, transit and conditions, brought to you by IoT and AI.

You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Faxes, emails, phone calls and manual data entry won’t cut it. We capture location and environmental conditions through storage and transit.


Secure industrial IoT sensors continuously monitor and report location, temperature and humidity at the pallet or case level.


Shared origin, provenance and environmental data allows partners to work in concert to reduce risk.

When conditions create minor risk, the current custodian is alerted and can adjust to protect the product.

When significant issues compromise product safety, the entire consortium is notified.

The result? Bad product never makes it to retail. No recalls. No lawsuits. No fines.


With access to this rich logistics and conditions data, our platform will predict issues like sourcing gaps, stockouts, equipment failures, and reputational risks — far in advance of them actually occurring.

Secure IoT sensors collect clean conditions data

Producers affix our ProofTags™ to pallets or cases as they prepare them for transport. These inexpensive, low-powered sensors continuously collect temperature, humidity and GPS coordinates. 

Data is selectively shared among partners

As the product moves through the supply chain, origin, custody and conditions data is selectively shared among consortium partners. The entire chain can collaborate in real-time with agility and certainty.

Predictive tech anticipates disruptions before they occur

Our predictive intelligence engine, accessing a rich dataset of provenance and conditions data, will anticipate supply chain issues before they occur, proactively prescribing options.

Benefits across the supply chain.

No matter what role you play in the supply chain,
our digital infrastructure will make your business more agile, more efficient, and more certain.

For Producers

  • Identify recall risks before they reach retail
  • Trace back within seconds
  • Measure shipper performance
  • Respond to consumer demand
  • Protect your reputation

For Processors

  • Increase visibility across the supply chain
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer service
  • Protect your reputation
  • Respond rapidly to recall requests

For Logistics Companies

  • Course-correct during shipment
  • Prove service-level agreement compliance
  • Reduce paperwork and phone calls
  • Protect yourself from abusive lawsuits
  • Predict equipment issues in advance
Photo of fork lift driver moving beer

For Distributors

  • Avoid stockouts and delayed revenue
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Capture upside revenue
  • Maintain supply continuity
  • Get ASN and arrival alerts

For Retailers

  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer service
  • Protect your reputation
  • Compete using transparency
  • Respond rapidly to recall requests

For Consumers

  • Look up any ProofScore-powered product
  • Understand where your food comes from
  • Gain certainty and trust in what you buy
  • Make better-informed purchase decisions
  • Support ethical businesses


Transparent Path kicked off its 2020-21 pilot program with a large US food distribution company and a Washington State processor. We are using this pilot to not only refine and improve our code, but also to refine our workflows and operational requirements like customer support and training. The goal: a platform that works for our customers in the least obtrusive, most beneficial way possible.


If you’re interested in leveraging our technologies to improve your own supply chain performance and certainty, let’s talk! Contact us through the form button below.