The team "leads with honor, integrity, and heart."

- Former client

Our mission — reducing waste and risk in the food business.

The Transparent Path proposition — to reduce food waste and risk by creating a more agile, more resilient and more certain supply chain — has drawn together a team of senior enterprise leaders who care deeply about our future. Mark and Eric are involved in feeding the homeless in Seattle. Sunil has built businesses using AI to identify health issues. Paulé is a thought leader in sustainability and Greg has worked with food-related NGOs overseas.

We’re not here to spin up a crypto token, grow our cloud business, or simply stand up some software play. We created this venture to bring real, positive, meaningful change to the world and to the future of food.

Meet the Transparent Path leadership team

Headshot of Eric Weaver, CEO of Transparent Path



Eric had no idea that his first job writing code for a Michigan produce trucking company would eventually come full circle. 

After 12 years in software development, Eric spent the next 30 years as an enterprise digital transformation advisor — guiding more than 80 blue-chip brands around the world through disruption brought about by the Web, email, e-commerce, and social media. An early proponent of both cryptocurrencies and AI, Eric began guiding companies like P&G, Kraft Foods, and Johnson & Johnson onto the Internet in 1994, launching one of the very first AI-powered websites in 1996, and the Performly AI-powered ROI platform in 2014. 

Most recently, Eric launched the Xerox Customer Experience Practice, where he managed a $550M marketing services book of business, before launching Transparent Path in 2018. Eric speaks globally on marketing, ethics, and sustainability.


Chief Commercial Officer

Mark is a seasoned enterprise executive-turned-entrepreneur with a passion for both innovation and change.

Mark’s early career was spent in marketing for large food brands like General Mills and Pillsbury. He then joined the hospitality industry, where he served as an executive at Royal Caribbean, Club Med, Holland America Line, and as General Manager at

in 2011, while serving as SVP of Sales and Marketing for Holland America, Mark hired a digital transformation consultant named Eric Weaver, thus starting a long friendship.

At Transparent Path, Mark is responsible for business strategy, sales, investor relations, and financials. He also serves on the board of Food Lifeline, one of Seattle’s largest foodbanks.

Headshot of Mark Kammerer, Chief Strategy Officer of Transparent Path
Headshot of Sunil Koduri, CTO of Transparent Path


Chief Technology Officer

Sunil is a strategic technology veteran with deep experience in artificial intelligence, enterprise cloud computing, product management, and governance. 

Sunil has served in senior leadership roles at General Dynamics and at Microsoft, where he grew the cloud services business by 100% YOY. Most recently, Sunil built a software platform specializing in applying  computer vision and machine learning to analyze personal health through body movement and gait.

At Transparent Path, Sunil guides the design and development of our overall solution, including our sensor, platform and artificial intelligence efforts.

An avid Seahawk fan, Sunil graduated from Penn State in Computer Engineering, and holds an MBA in international business from Pepperdine.



Lauren Adler brings a depth of experience in food retailing, supply chain systems, finance and chocolate.  She has worked as an investment banker and software development manager on Wall Street, managed a perishable foods division of a New England supermarket chain, developed and implemented supply chain transparency strategies for Amazon, and founded a retail company that was a pioneer in the craft chocolate movement.

Lauren serves as the Vice President of the Board of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA), promoting quality, innovations, ethical sourcing, and best practices in the fine chocolate industry. She grew up in Washington DC where she developed a love of international cultures and food. Lauren graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

Photo of Lauren Adler, Transparent Path Director of Product Management
Headshot of Greg Lind, Director of Platform Development, Transparent Path



Greg Lind brings his 23-year software career in corporate, NGO and governmental positions to  Transparent Path as our director of platform development.

Greg got his start in the software business in engineering roles at Hewlett-Packard and the Metro Regional Government. A long-time advocate of open source and sharing initiatives such as GovHub and TolaData, Greg speaks at conferences on the benefits of open source, software efficiencies and collaboration.

An expert in Docker and Kubernetes, Greg has worked in Africa, Asia and Europe, aiding STEM startups and food-centered NGOs. He leads an open source platform called Buildly, promoting reusability and scalability in enterprise software development.


Director of Experience

Paulé Wood (they/them) joined Transparent Path from Amazon Logistics, where they served as global lead for last-mile user experience. Paulé is responsible for our UX/UI efforts as well as our brand storytelling.

A Colorado native, world traveler, former roadie, and child of farmers, Paulé’s career has included senior creative and experience design roles for IBM (where they served as Creative Director for Global Services West Coast), Young & Rubicam, Eddie Bauer, T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Earth Economics.

In 1999, Eric hired Paulé as his art director at Young & Rubicam, and the two have worked together across various ventures ever since.  In 2016, Paulé and their Mongol Rally team drove a rally car with a 1-litre engine over 10,000 miles, from London to Mongolia. #badass

Photo of Paulé Wood

And our amazing advisory board




A well-known thought leader in the organic food space, Maria has worked as a sales and marketing leader at Target, Great Harvest Bread, Nature’s Path Foods, Litehouse Foods, and Numi Organic Tea. With chops in branding, sales and marketing, she advises our team on organic brands, consumer behavior, and retail.

Maria graduated from the University of Minnesota – Duluth with a BA in Communications. In 2008, as her digital consultant, Eric helped Maria move Nature’s Path into the digital age, starting a 12-year friendship.





Dan Maycock has worked in data analytics and IT leadership for 18 years, in a variety of roles: as a technology leader for Boeing and Amazon, and a analytics consultant/senior manager for both Slalom & Capgemini Consulting. He’s a regular contributor to Inc. and Forbes magazine on the topic of analytics and innovation.

Dan currently serves as VP of IT & Data for Loftus Ranches where he has been helping develop data driven solutions around the hop & brewery space.

He grew up in Prosser, WA and holds a BA in MIS from WSU, and an MS in Software Mgmt from Carnegie Mellon University.




Terry is a seasoned C-level food industry executive contributing to the success of Fortune 100 (Kraft, Pepsi, Nabisco) as well as smaller privately held firms (Seattle Chocolates, Continental Mills, Madrona Specialty Foods).  Although he has worked with a broad array of food products, he has a particular passion for making chocolate (bean to bar) as well as gourmet chocolates.  

Terry graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Food Science & Technology, as well as studying manufacturing in corporate strategy at Harvard Business School.