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Traceability is a very worthy concept on paper, but in real life, it’s rife with major challenges.

Problem: garbage in, garbage out.

Any ledger is only as good as the data that is entered. And 90% of the world’s farms have paper records – or no records at all. That’s why we use inexpensive printed IoT sensors to capture data at the source. These Bluetooth and chipless RFID tags can track temperature, humidity, and product quality over time and distance.

Problem: potential for fraud.

Falsifying records. Paying off inspectors. Making false product claims. Counterfeit products. It’s pretty easy to create fraudulent data. That’s why we utilize on-the-ground certification partners to audit and validate product information at the source.


Problem: disconnected systems.

Between globalization, market complexities, myriad software solutions and stricter compliance and quality standards, brands waste time, money and focus trying to plan resourcing, manage inventories, and find product in the supply chain. These disparate systems create an explosion of data that is difficult for enterprises to consume and act upon.

Our best-in-class solutions

IoT Sensor Technologies

Chances are you’ve heard of our US-based sensor technology partner, a former employer of ours and a world-renowned legend in hardware innovation. Their printed Bluetooth and chipless RFID labels drastically drop the cost of track & trace, making more granular provenance tracking more cost-effective.



We are in discussions with US and Australian certification organizations who provide third-party source verification for food, beauty, pharma, cannabis or mineral products. These experienced partners will audit and verify source origins, sustainable and ethical business practices, and regulatory compliance.

STAMP™ Blockchain Dapp

Australian blockchain solutions provider BlockHead Technologies has created STAMP™, an in-market blockchain-based track & trace dapp that provides the engine for our transparent provenance capability.  STAMP works across multiple sectors and provides the supply chain visibility your customers desire.

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